Watch our video - how to light your fire

Once you mastered the art of fire lighting properly, you will get the most out of you product, creating a wonderful atmosphere while using your wood as efficiently as possible. 

For tips and advice on how to properly light your Nordpeis fireplace or stove, check the nordpeis web page in your market.


Four good reasons to light and use your appliance correctly

It’s environmentally friendly

If you light your appliance correctly, you reduce soot and particle emissions, thus contributing to less local air pollution.


It is eco-friendly

Firewood is a renewable energy source and is therefore a climate-friendly alternative to fossil heating.


Wood heating is profitable and effective

If you use your fireplace or stove a lot, utilizing the firewood better helps you save money.


Safe and fireproof heating

If you light your appliance correctly, the fireplace receives a more gentle treatment. That means less maintenance, cleaner glass and reduced risk of soot and chimney fires. And don’t forget – wood burning stoves or fireplaces keep you warm during power outages!